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Modern Strike Online or as I called it when I first saw it, the “poor man’s Call of Duty”is actually an incredibly fun although not very balanced first-person shooter game that you can play to kill some time and hopefully, if you’re going to have some enemies as well.



This is a game that I can really talk too much about. Don’t get me wrong, I play this game for quite a while and actually enjoyed my time spent with it. However, it is a game like pretty much every other first-person shooter it tries to copy Call of Duty and force it on a mobile device. The exception that this one has is that it’s actually quite good actually, even though as I’ve already mentioned, not quite balance which is a problem that many of these games suffer from.



This game also happens to have one of my personal pet peeves and, even though you guys already know what it is all too well, it’s not going to stop me from mentioning it again. This is a mobile game and it has micro-transactions.



This particular game has not one but two premium currency’s (and even though one can be grinded, if the other is extremely hard to come by) that are used to enhance your personal experience in pretty much every possible way.



Before I go on about how you can hack and dominate Modern Strike Online, let’s take a closer look at the game itself…






Tell us little more about Modern Strike Online



Well, since you insist…

I’ve already said that there’s not that much to tell about this game because it’s like every other first-person shooter out there that tries to copy Call of Duty. You get to play as soldier and you choose a loadout to go with into the battle.





The thing is, you can freely equip many things for, to be more specific you cannot really afford to have many things that you can equip unless you have golden credits which are of course the resources that you can buy by spending the real money in this game.



This is a problem for me. I can really be expected to play this game, in this condition, for so many rounds. I do not have a problem with grinding some of these resources but the fact that I’m going to be everybody’s welcome mat greatly strengthened my resolve to find a hack that lets me obtain free resources (and in this particular case those are gold and credits) which will allow me to climb through the ranks of the game much faster, unlock all of the goodies that I need and to start actually playing the game without a handicap. It could be that this will give you a slight advantage over other players but the way see it, it’s better to have an advantage that a disadvantage, no?



Getting the golden credits cheat to work for you



This is easy. What you want to do can be accomplished by following a number of simple steps. First of all, no worry about any downloads and installations because there is no such thing to be had here. Everything happens online, on live servers without the need to ever download or install anything. Naturally this makes it impossible for you to do any harm to your device due to malicious software or infected files.



What all of this means is that you shouldn’t concern yourself about your security, I have tested it and it works flawlessly.


To actually hack Modern Strike Online and get free resources for your account, what you want to do is to locate a button on this page and press it. Once you get this you will be taken to another part of the website where you can operate the online generator for yourself. If you have information required, you can do this for your friends as well.


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