About Us

Hello there Gamesterrs and welcome to Gamesterr.com, the place where you can find the latest, most relevant news on all things related to video games and the culture surrounding this increasingly popular way of life that started as a mindless pass time activity but is reaching and even surpassing other forms of electronic and visual entertainment as well as sports and art!



Gamestarr started off as a small community managed website and evolved to a full-fledged website over the course of time. Our team is small but it is constantly increasing in numbers and so far we are not really looking to expand any further. We have this little thing of ours doing just fine and we are happy with it.



You can expect to find all sorts of game related news reports on this website as well as the latest, safest and tested apps that can be used to make your gaming even more fun.



Right now, our focus is on the incredibly popular phenomena that is mobile gaming so, we are mostly doing mobile game reviews and trying to filter the content and bring you only the best possible titles from the hundreds of thousands that you can find and download online for free.



It is indeed a daunting task but will do our best to do our part and make it possible for you to enjoy the good ones and let you know which ones to skip.



Of course, Aeschylus mobile gaming is, most of the games suffer from one sort of drawbacks or the other so while reviewing the games, were also going to help you in any way possible and let you know the best possible way to enjoy and experience these games by providing tips, tricks, gameplay strategies, our personal experiences as well as some hacks that allow you to have everything that the game would otherwise try to keep away from you.



So join us, and experience the latest, trending games and learn more about your favorite past time right here, on Gamesterr.com!